GoldNet Engineering Group is a Knowledge-based company with CRA License from Data Services, was founded in 2000 to initiate services in ICT solutions. This corporation with more than 15 years of experience has already patented more than 8 inventions, 7 knowledge-based products and registered 4 commercial brands,2 Operation licenses, 2 IP67 Standard licenses and Confirmation of Vehicle Tracker Sample.

GoldNet as specialist broker (national and international) of Iran Vice-Presidency for Science and Technology in ICT, has license of exporting technology based products and according to this competitive advantage, has decided to launch “Platform for International
Interchange of Services” as an international project with a great investment. Also this company is active in following fields: codification of ICT national standards, Providing large-scale consultancy to infrastructure companies, operators and servers, as such Security monitoring at different levels of project execution.

Our company competitive advantages are scientific capability to define, assess and monitor performance of integration based projects in three fields of Software, Hardware and Network, also having professional experts, Codification of national standards, giving consultation to telecom companies and security monitoring in different levels of projects implementations are other company’s advantages. This holding always attempts to provide the most up to date services. In this regard, GoldNet group has an effective relation with educational and scientific centers such as Sharif University of technology, Massey University, Ferdowsi University of Mashhad and the only VoIP type approval laboratory of the Middle East which is located in Ferdowsi University of Mashhad.

Opening more international communication channels has enabled GoldNet to easily transfer new technologies to the Headquarter located in Iran.