Introduction of Anti-Theft Tracker

Anti-Theft Tracker with the combination of GPS and GSM technology enables the operator to see the device at any time with no restriction on the location of your vehicle via the Internet or through an SMS.

Moreover, the device with support of modern anti-theft system is considered as an online alarm (without any geographic limitation).

Features of Anti-Theft Tracker

• Displaying the geographical location on map by online tracking
• Equipped with detection systems for car door opening, car hit alarm and emergency announce.
• Ability to show speed, direction, battery charge level, status information of the vehicle i.e. Being ignited or not.
• Showing management reports on fuel consumption, movements and etc.

• Capability of sending commands to the vehicle i.e. to switch off the engine and to start alarm state (Optional)
• Defining a periodical time interval or an specified distance for sending data
• Possibility of filtering features, grouping, and defining the permitted areas.
• Specifying restricted areas for limiting vehicle movements
• SMS interactions
• Compatible with GoldTrax Mobile phone application
• Online Alarms and automatic warning system which informs the operator of permitted area exceed, speed limit exceed, stop time limitations through user software or by sending an SMS or Email to a specific phone number or Email address.
• Device configuration and firmware remote update via sending SMS or using GPRS

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