Introduction of GNAS

GoldNet AAA Software comprises all the features of a common AAA System (compared to current AAA servers and compatible with Huawei BRAS). It fulfills all the required configuration and control’s to establish services in an access layer. This AAA server has already been launched in a number of provinces in Iran and has been integrated with Huawei, Cisco, MikroTik and ZTE BRAS’s.

Some Features & Functionalities of GNAS

  1. Stable functionality and high availability for more than 100k concurrent users
  2. Auto-Back up user data and system settings
  3. periodically purges old Backup automatically
  4. Purge periodically system Logs automatically
  5. Load Balancing and Fail-over capability between two or more servers without clustering
  6. Ability to manage the entire system via web
  7. Enabling distributed processing on local servers in the Network
  8. Database repair and recovery operations are performed automatically, without the need for a system administrator
  9. Automatic detection of disorders before the system notifies the user (Live Log Monitoring)
  10. Full Firewall Feature in order to protect internal information and them management framework
  11. Multi-level independent management
  12. NoSQL DB structure
  13. Equipment Dictionaries Insertion
  14. Defining Radius Attributes, specific to certain users or groups
  15. Takes advantage of the SNMP protocol
  16. Supports PAP, CHAP and MS CHAP2 Authentication methods
  17. RADIUS/Diameter support
  18. Web Service capabilities for integration with other systems such as CRM and HR systems
  19. User experience reporting in desired period
  20. Detailed usage reporting
  21. graphical charts and reports
  22. Full usage bandwidth monitoring per user/group/ service
  23. Users will be able to change the authentication information through the web
  24. Users Online Monitoring
  25. Applying Time/ Download/ Upload/ Bandwidth limits for users/ groups
  26. Dedicated Bandwidth and Burst Assignment to Users/Groups
  27. Defined types, time constraints, or a combination of different metrics
  28. Automatic User/ Serial/ Password Generation
  29. Defining users automatic cut downs time
  30. Auto-Disconnect Management if Credit/Time Exceeds
  31. Limitation of the number of online users for the resellers or organization units
  32. Ability to Import / Export users and passwords,m outstanding credit, and the service name in CSV
  33. Determining the IP/ access constraints for System Administrators
  34. Dedicated IP assignment to users
  35. Route-specific allocation to users

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  1. Dear Sir,
    Intersat is a local internet service provider located in Constanta, Romania. We are using Mikrotik routers and DALO RADIUS for AAA. I see that your AAA server is full-compliant with Mikrotik. Please send us the quotation, delivery terms and conditions.
    Have a nice day,
    Chivu Gheorghita

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