The successful participation of Iranian knowledge-based companies at the CEBIT exhibition in Germany

The CEBIT2018 Exhibition was held in Hanover, Germany, from 21 to 25 June as the largest international ICT event in the field of information and communication technology. This year, along with the changes and advances in information technology, CEBIT has changed from previous years. In addition to changing the holding time of March to June, the event was organized in four different areas: the erea of d!conomy focuses on B2B trade in a new competitive environment, the erea of d!tec focuses on new business models and startup companies, the erea of d!talk focuses on workshops and speeches, the erea of d!campus focuses on creating interaction and gathering space for individuals and companies.

Iran Pavilion

Exchange rate fluctuations in recent months and the increasing difficulties and barriers imposed by outrageous sanctions on the presence of Iranian companies in international market, made it more difficult to make the decision to attend the CEBIT exhibition for Iranian companies. Luckily, with the backing of the secretary of science and technology of the presidency and the fund for innovation and prosperity, Iran’s Pavilion at the CEBIT Exhibition, some of the problems and issues were fixed. So that 9 knowledge-based companies attended in this event.

Iran’s pavilion in an area of 112 square meters in the middle of the 16th hall, located next to the hallway’s main hall, So that it connected the halls 17, 16 and 15. This convenient location of the booths allows visitors to get plenty of passage through this route. In addition, CEBIT Exhibition has provided a wide range of opportunities for all participants through its portal to identify, attract and invite potential customers and associates.

Achievements of CEBIT

The presence of specialists and managers from companies and from different countries on the Iranian booth, as well as group visits and business-to-business talks (B2B).

Among the achievements of the trip, it is possible to contact the Russian Pavilion, which boosted the presence of Iranian companies at the CEBIT exhibition this year.

The wide-ranging Russian companies’ welcome expansion of trade relations with Iran and the exchange of technology led the Russian Export Development Center to invite GoldNet as an holding broker of Iran’s Pavilion to launch a business meeting (B2B) between Iranian and Russian companies. According to the agreement between the Russian Export Development Center and GoldNet, the first round of these B2B meetings will take place in Russia this September.

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