Introduction of GoldNet Emergency Management System

GoldNet Emergency Management System was implemented in 2013 to cover all emergency within national needs such as fleet management (using GoldNet Tracking Devices – GoldTrax), Emergency Automation System (which reduces the duration of arriving the ambulance to the destination and transferring the patient to the hospital) and manages all the related processes which was firstly launched in Mashhad Emergency center.

Providing medical care to victims of natural disasters is very important and stressful. Due to the sensitivity of the emergency team performance and the importance of speed and accuracy in critical condition, Emergency system is implemented along with IVR system and GoldNet vehicle tracker to improve the speed of the processes and emergency missions.

GoldNet emergency management system, is a completely integrated system with all following subsystems:

• Emergency Automation System
• Advanced IP-PBX System – IVR
• GoldNet Navigation Product (Online Tracking – GoldTrax)
• EMS Mobile Application
• Web Panel Integrator
• Data Mining Modules
• Cache Server Integrator

In this system, all requests are automatically handled. People who call the emergency center use this system indirectly and the staffs in charge in different sectors including operators room, control room and also the physicians at the hospitals waiting for the patient arrival use this product directly.


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