Introduction of FollowUp

GoldNet FollowUp System is a software designed for patients and physicians with lots of useful features. This System was implemented in 2015 to produce a completely integrated system to manage and follow up patients which was firstly launched in Ghaem hospital in Mashhad.

Features of FollowUp

• Defining a special sickness and its properties
• Recording patients’ information
• IVR (Interactive Voice Response System) Notifications
• Defining intervals and visit times
• Recording all the information
• SMS Notifications
• Setting the visit schedule automatically
• Recording the medical test result
• Notifying the patient about the preparation of the test result
• Ability to notify the schedule based on customer needs via Web account, E-Mail, Text Message, and Automatic Telephony Call.

This system consists of the following items presented along with their functionalities:

  • Follow-Up Website: Follow-Up Website is the main module of the system, works as a panel for the users to enter the data and view the patients’ information, stages, reports and visit intervals.
  • GoldNet Follow-Up Notification Service: Calling the patient with the IVR server and sending the notification messages are performed by this service. The Notification Services is installed as a windows service on the server and tracks the information.
    It sends messages to notify the patients about the stages and the test results.
  • IVR Server Integration: One of the main features of the system is to notify the patient with automatic calls. IVR server is responsible for this functionality and calls the patient in the defined durations with the desired content.
  • SMS Service: Another method to notify the patient is sending short messages. SMS services are responsible for this feature and notification messages are automatically sent to the patient mobile number through this service.

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