Introduction of Chakavak

With regards to the valuable outcome of VoIP implementation in different organizations and companies, GoldNet has dedicated a great number of developers to VoIP department. Mobile application team with their recent cooperation with this department have published fantastic mobile apps in this field.

One of the main projects in this trend is an automatic customization of GoldNet mobile app VoIP core for different customers. This software makes the communications easy and also free even for abroad users using this app.

Chakavak is a mobile messaging and VoIP application that allows users to send messages and make call with other Chakavak/Service Provider users through mobile data or Wi-Fi connection.

Features of Chakavak

• Group/Private Chats
• Accessible Contact List
• You can see which contact uses Chakavak and start to call or send message
• Setting Profile Pictures
• Sending Emotional Stickers
• Making Voice Call
• Making Conference Call
• Sending Images and Videos
• Adding different account with their own specifications (Server Address, Port …)
• And more…

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