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GoldNet Emergency Management System (GEMS)

Introduction of GoldNet Emergency Management System GoldNet Emergency Management System was implemented in 2013 to cover all emergency within national needs such as fleet management (using GoldNet Tracking Devices – GoldTrax), Emergency Automation System (which reduces the duration of arriving Read More
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GoldNet FollowUp System

Introduction of FollowUp GoldNet FollowUp System is a software designed for patients and physicians with lots of useful features. This System was implemented in 2015 to produce a completely integrated system to manage and follow up patients which was firstly Read More
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Cancer Patient Record System (Minimal Dataset)

Introduction of Minimal Dataset This system was implemented to record cancer patient’s data at Mashhad University of Medical Sciences in the Nuclear Medicine Department. Features of Minimal Dataset • Information Records Management • Users management (doctors) • Define information centers Read More
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