GoldNet AAA Software covers all the features of a common AAA System (compared to current AAA servers and compatible to Huawei BRAS). GoldNet AAA Software fulfills all the required configurations and controls to establish services in access layer. This AAA server has already been launched in a few provinces of Iran and has been integrated with Huawei, Cisco, MikroTik and ZTE BRAS's.

GNAS (GoldNet AAA Server)

Major Features:

Support of Variable Operating Systems

Stable employment, with uptime over one year, with more than 100k concurrent users

Load Balancing and Failover Capability between two or more servers without the need for Clustering

Uses NoSQL DB’s

Ability to Add Dictionary Equipment

Dedicated IP Assignment to users

Expired Users Allocation IP Pool 

Defining Radius Attribute specific to certain users or groups

Authentication Support for PAP and Chap and MS Chap2 and EAP RADIUS/ Diameter Support

Establish Time/ Download/ Upload/ Bandwidth limits for users/ groups

Groups Dedicated Bandwidth and Burst Definition

Automatic User/ Serial/ Password Production

Automatically Disconnects Users as per Credit/Time/ BW Limits



GoldNet Office at Eng. Faculty, Ferdowsi University of Mashhad, Mashhad, Iran
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