15 June 0775
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Wi-Fi Hotspot


Carrier level Wi-Fi platform integrated with Wi-Fi calling solutions that provides Captive portal, with SIM authentication to subscribers and Integrated with OSS/BSS, OCS, SMSC, HSS, and HLR.
One of the recent GoldNet projects is extending Mikrotik devices to support Diameter Protocol as it is necessary for the Billing/Charging of the Wifi users of a mobile operator. This software really brings an enterprise application of Mikrotik devices into all mobile operators using Diameter protocol for the billing/charging purposes


GoldNet Wi-Fi Platform Component


Basic Features

  • GNAS- Full Feature AAA Server (Diameter/Radius)
  • Captive Portal Server (Optional)
  • Diameter-based Online Charging Systems (OCS)
  • Client and Server Integrations
  • Billing, Charging & Settlement
  • RADIUS accounting querying via Console Application
  • Subscriber blacklisting
  • Online Charging
  • Voucher and Scratch Cards
  • SMS-Based Sign-up
  • MAC-based Authentication
  • Password provided to user via SMS


Security Features

  • Wi-Fi Access Controller
  • Encrypt user authentication data in AAA server
  • Usage Limit on a daily basis
  • Policy Management
  • Controlling the User Experience
  • Controlling the purchase
  • Implementing IEEE 802.1x standard for subscribers to log into Access point (access layer) and get authenticated via AAA server
  • Web-based secured authentication using PAP/CHAP over HTTPS enabled Captive Portal
  • SIM-based secured authentication using EAP-SIM/ AKA/ PEAP / TLS / TTLS



GoldNet Office at Eng. Faculty, Ferdowsi University of Mashhad, Mashhad, Iran
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