Mobile Department Services

GoldNet with great successful projects in design and implementation of Mobile applications on Windows Phone, Android & iOS Platforms holds a great position in this field.

Current apps cover the following areas:

  • Product Advertisements for marketing purposes
  • Community management and social networking
  • Business management


Mobile Content Management System

This product helps different businesses in providing an up to date mobile catalog as a simple dynamic mobile app which will be very effective in achieving marketing goals.

There is a “Mobile Content Management System” delivered to the system owner which manages the content and the information shown to the users who have installed the mobile application of your company. 

The information will be automatically displayed in mobile application once you change the data and save it. This system gives you the opportunity to change main items of the mobile app as well as the application interface and menus.

This system is currently available on Android and IoS devices.


The main features of the product:

  • Introduce news, products, services, price list ... of your company along with photos and videos and web links...
  • Share files with the customers
  • Online customer service through embedded chat system
  • Update and change the content of products easily through provided web panel
  • Integrated with GoldNet ticketing system (optional)
  • Notification system with the great ability of sending a variety of different content types to specific customers



The GoldNet VoIP Based Mobile Apps

With regards to the valuable outcome of VoIP implementation in different organizations and companies, GoldNet has dedicated a great number of developers to VoIP department. Mobile application team with their recent cooperation with this department have published fantastic mobile apps in this field. 

One of the main projects in this trend is an automatic customization of GoldNet mobile app VoIP core for different customers. This software makes the communications easy, and also free even for abroad users using this app.

The functionalities of the application in Android and IoS versions are:

  • Online Chat between users (photos, videos, stickers)
  • Free Voice Calls +conferencing between users
  • Client profile and social networking infrastructure
  • Save client’s timeline based on user activities
  • User status 
  • Phone contacts list accessibility
  • Group chat with unlimited participants
  • Outbound calls with the successful history of integration with different fixed and mobile service provider's core.


Monitor Trackers

This mobile application controls and monitors one to several trackers. This application is currently integrated with Goldtrax car, personal trackers and all of the features of the GoldNet trackers are available to be monitored or changed.

The application is developed for IoS and Android platforms.

  • Observe the list of different user’s trackers (for example Vehicle tracker, Mobile tracker, pet trackers, ...)
  • See the latest tracker location real time.
  • See the activity of the tracker and the history of movement for a desired period of time
  • Report movement recored, speed, vehicle conditions, the possible alarms, ...
  • Special Operations (Turn off the fuel pump device, Activate the fuel pump device, Update the tracker firmware online, charge SIM card credit)
  • Geofence activation and management 



The Mobile Tracker

This software changes your mobile phone to a tracker and helps the user in registering movement records in GoldNet tracking servers. 

This application is also available in both Android and iOS version.

Some of the features of this application are:

  • Cellphone easy registration which generates your specific profile you can later use it for online monitoring web access. 
  • See the latest location of the handset.
  • See the route-activity data for any desired time range.
  • Background functionality of the mobile app.


Download GoldTrax Mobile Application


The EMS Software

One of GoldNet latest total solutions in healthcare area is a whole system getting installed on ambulances which covers a complete end to end resource management. This system consists various hardware and software subsystems that finally yields in a more effective service and higher satisfaction to patients. A mobile applications along with the GoldNet vehicle trackers, provides twofold outcome.

  • An automatic task assignment and intelligent ambulance navigation.
  • Online mission logs and patient status is sent from the mobile application to Emergency Automation System which makes everything ready for welcoming the patient at the destined hospital.


Order Management Software Café (Gold Coffee)

Providing customers orders at restaurants, coffee shops … in a short period of time is very important. GoldNet order management system uses a mobile app as one of its subsystems which makes the order process completely automatic. This application has two sections. The first is a web panel which updates the coffee shop menu and is available only for coffee shop manager to:

  • Describe the menu + Photos
  • Define specific options for each item. For example Low-sugar juice, ...
  • See the list of orders at the moment.
  • Send the order to the kitchen.
  • See unpaid orders at the moment.
  • See the reports of all information stored.
  • Define credit and private discount for each customer.
  • Update the menu on a temporary basis for the case that food was finished. 


The second sector is a mobile app which is only available for customers. They could select the items and complete the orders with a great enjoyable experience through a tablet given to them. The customer can:

  • See the main menu.
  • Choose the specific options for each of the selected items.
  • See the final invoice amount.
  • Send the order.



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