Introduction of IP-PBX

Some companies and organizations that use wide network equipment and attempt to set up computer networks (LAN), are able to replace old PBX with IP-PBX.

An IP-PBX system (or IP Telephony) is able to manage calls on IP platform which is getting very popular on Internet and computer networks, IPPBX can control calls between organizations and communicate remote overseas spots easily.

An IP-PBX systems are included with compatible IP phone equipment and optional VoIP Gateway.

The results of using this system are briefly:

  • Increasing the efficiency of the system
  • Easy Call Management
  • Saving development costs
  • A great variety of internal phone features
  • Various methods of access
  • Communication with other softwares and databases
  • Recording and monitoring
  • Various Reporting
  • Reducing outbound costs with GoldNet Carrier

By offering IP based phone call services, GoldNet is one of the main service providers for VoIP services in the region.

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