Introduction of NetPalace

GoldNet NetPalace is the best tool to control various terminal access devices and all the network elements. This tool can play a big role for NMS responsibilities to unify configuration of network elements of various vendors. Also, it will provide access management with different levels. So, this tool will be great for any telecom/PAP companies which configure their network via Telnet or SSH protocols to prevent any user unintentional errors.

Features of Netpalace

• Recording history if all the changes are applied on network elements, which helps troubleshooting or rollbacks.
• Users can save configurations they make for further references
• Defining multiple access levels for employees based on their position or responsibility.
• Supports SSH, Telnet, RDP, VNC
• Multi-platform supported (Java based)
• Multiple Internet explorers supported (IE, Firefox, Chrome…)
• Handling requests from all the users to route them to the desirable destinations via the selected protocol automatically.

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