Introduction of Payesh System

This system which consist of server side and client side, sends information about network quality and performance (dB) as well as data quality (Ping, Download and Upload) based on the settings made to the server. This information (whichm includes the location of the occurrence of the network test event) is sent to the server, and operators will view the information based on the provided access. There is also the possibility of automatic and manual transmission of complaints in this system. Operator access restrictions for VIP users, VVIP and CIP are also considered due to the sensitivity of the issue.

This service can be offered At TelCo stations of all provinces over Iran or wherever RighTel Network is available.

Mobile app of this system is also implemented on Android and iOS versions. The Mobile application has 5 different sections which would be customized more over time. Mobile App will be reporting the BTS signal quality, Data and Voice quality to the server.

The Web Panel is designed for the admins to Control and Monitor the System and also to view the complaints in a ticketing structure.

The system provides management and monitoring of the network, as well as complaints filed in the system, by providing a management and user panel.

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