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Introduction of IP-PBX Some companies and organizations that use wide network equipment and attempt to set up computer networks (LAN), are able to replace old PBX with IP-PBX. An IP-PBX system (or IP Telephony) is able to manage calls on Read More
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Zabbix Monitoring Software

Introduction of Zabbix Monitoring Software Network monitoring process is one of the most important activities of an IT team in an organization that can increase efficiency and security of the organization. Zabbix software is one of the most widely used Read More
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NetPalace Product

Introduction of NetPalace GoldNet NetPalace is the best tool to control various terminal access devices and all the network elements. This tool can play a big role for NMS responsibilities to unify configuration of network elements of various vendors. Also, Read More
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GoldWatch Firewall

Introduction of GoldWatch GoldWatch is a router and software firewall that can be installed on a variety of physical computers or virtual machines, and have a professional firewall with high level of reliability and capabilities. By having a web graphical Read More
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