FinStars is a largest financial startup event in Iran, the Middle East and North Africa. in this event, startups owners, accelators, investment angles and courageous investment funds find a way to network, construct a dialogue, introduce ideas and create opportunities in an interactive environment.

This event, which combines an exhibition space, specialized conferences, startup competition, networking space, specialized advisory sessions, workshops and B2B meetings, provides an unparalleled opportunity for the owners of the idea, Financers, Accelerators, courageous investment Funds and Investor Activities which let them to make networking, learning, identifying and exploring the challenges and trends of this emerging and influential global economy through a purposeful and constructive engagement.

GoldNet Chairman of the board of directors said:

Financing opportunity in Developing Connections and Capabilities in the Fintech Area

GoldNet chairman of the board of directors, expressed satisfaction with Iran’s over the-the-counter activity in the FinStars event, said: “We plan to work with 10 related startup companies present at the FinStars event 2018.”

Sabour Khosravi in an interview with Iran’s public relations reporter, emphasizing that a great opportunity has been provided for startups  to introduce their activities and raise fund, said Iran’s over-the-counter has well supported startups and innovators of financial technology.

Khosravi recalled: the international office of the company, which is a subsidiary of the Vice president of Science and Technology of the Presidency, offers international services to knowledge-based ICT companies.

According to him, the link between financial infrastructure and ICT is tightening every moment, and the FinStars event, as facilitator of this relationship, has a very influential role in the creation and development of financially-based businesses.

Khosravi said that GoldNet has entered in the area of financial services as a knowledge-based holding with experience in the field of providing software, hardware and network solution for operators and value added service providers. GoldNet in FinStars, is going to notify services such as BlockChain based online trading market, digital currency based payment gateway and making digital currency and token, smart contracts with the possibility of trading in online markets by international communication and available infrastructure in country.

Also GoldNet chairman of the board of directors said: another services which this holding is provided for audiences in FinStars consist of Fintech development and IT based tools, the provision of Fintech platform as a service and providing comprehensive solutions in Fintech.


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