Introduction of GoldTrax Tracker

GoldNet tracker device is locally designed in Research and Development department of GoldNet, with Patent license from Patent Office and industrial property with registration number of 38713702, dated 1387/12/14 (Persian Date Time).

Software access and management is Web-based and the device local design and implementation provide its hardware and software customization and personalization with the lowest service charge.


Features of GoldTrax Tracker

  • Displaying the geographical location on map by online tracking
  • Device automatic movement recognition and stopping data transmission in order to save SIM card credit
  • Ability to show speed, direction, battery charge level, status information of the vehicle i.e. Being turned on/off
  • Remote control of the device
  • Sending information via SMS
  • Voice conversation between driver and manager
  • Saving location data on memory (MMC)
  • Viewing SIM card credit and the ability to charge it online
  • Setting up the device remotely via sending SMS or using GPRS
  • Specifying restricted areas on vehicle movements
  • Sending commands to the vehicle i.e. turning off the engine and connection with the car alarm (Optional)
  • It can be connected to the police communication port and required information can be transferred to the police server (the only owner of the Technical Certificate from police in Iran)
  • Showing management reports on fuel consumption, mobility, movements and etc.
  • Defining a periodical time interval or an specified distance for sending data
  • Possibility of filtering features, grouping and defining the permitted areas
  • Mobile phone application (Android/ iOS)
  • Warning notification to inform the operator of permitted area exceed, speed limits exceed, stop time limit on a spot through user software or by sending an SMS or Email to a specific phone number or Email address

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