Introduction of Wi-Fi Public Hotspot

As a pioneer in providing Carrier Wi-Fi solutions, GoldNet Billing/Accounting software can interact as a translator between Radius and Diameter AAA Servers.

This solution has potential customers in Mobile Operators, ISPs (in Carrier Level), and in Hotels, Restaurants, Coffee shops, … (in Access Layer) and also wherever you would like to manage your local internet users.

By this solution, the Internet service can be managed in a variety of ways using the GNAS system and providing admin panel and user admin panel. It is offered in this system:

  • User panel with features such as viewing the latest shopping packages, view connection details, view consumption details and etc.
  • Admin panel with features such as user management and access to system, definition of tariffs, possibility of service change and etc.

GNAS system with online charging capabilities based on the Diameter protocol, identification based on MAC-Address, Support identity authentication based on username (phone number and…) and password and etc.

This system implemented for “RighTel”, in Tehran’s commercial centers (such as the palladium market) with the ability to communicate with the Charging system, and provides Internet services for subscribers. Also this system is implemented for RighTel operator in Western border regions of Iran, Hall of the Summit and Saad Abad Palace in presence of the Chinese president.

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